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Aug. 15, 2019

Waimanalo Beachfront Legacy Property For Sale

waimanalo beachfront oahu hawaii

This legacy property held in one family for many years is now available for sale. World class views of Rabbit Island and the Molokai Channel. Enjoy swimming in crystal clear waters, go kayaking, fishing, boating and canoe sailing from your back yard.

Waimanalo oceanfront home for sale

Watch daily sunrises and green sea turtles feeding just off the beach from your private pier. On a clear day, six islands are within view of the home. It is a nature lovers’ paradise! Watch tropical fish like Manini, Yellow Tang and Clown Fish frolic in your own tide pools and fish pond.

waimanalo beachfront home for sale east oahu

Relax with cool breezes blowing across your property as you sway in your hammock. Easy access to the ocean from your private walk way. This property is eye candy and sells itself on your first visit. Perfect for extended family or corporate retreat.

waimanalo beachfront oceanfront yard

Sales include TMK# 141-1-11 and 141-1-13 and both parcels must be sold together. This unique property offers three homes, all on a 20,115 sf. lot. The main house has four bedrooms and 3 baths. The second house has a two bedrooms and two baths. And the guest cottage has one bedroom, one bath.

waimanalo oceanfront home for sale cliffs

Dont miss this rare opportunity to own an amazing rare piece of Oahu.

waimanalo 3 homes for sale beachfront oceanfront

Asking price: $7,000,000

Waimanalo Hawaii Oahu Canoe Surfing Home


June 18, 2019

Honolulu Hawaii Interest Rate Decline Stalls

What a difference a month makes. 


In May, stocks fell sharply, and interest rates declined each week. June has been a different story. The Fed has signaled rate cuts are likely coming. Stocks have been rallying higher, and the decline in interest rates has stalled.


The Fed can’t control home loan rates. Those move mainly on inflation and expectations of inflation in the future. Inflation has remained tame for the past decade and is the main reason why home loan rates have stayed low as well.


This past week, we received another reading on consumer inflation, the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which confirmed there are no price pressures or inflation threat to the economy.

The result: the odds of a Fed rate cut have climbed to 85% for the July Fed Meeting on the idea that the Fed can comfortably cut rates and “allow” inflation to creep into the economy.

Also keeping home loan rates near two-year lows is the uncertainty and lack of resolution with the US/China trade turmoil. The next step is a potential meeting between US and China at the G20 Meeting June 28-29. Mark your calendar. This is an important event, because as this trade dispute goes so do the economies around the globe.


Bottom line — we are seeing a strong economy, rising stocks, and two-year lows for home loan rates.


The upcoming week will see data from the housing and manufacturing sectors, but those reports will take a backseat to the two-day Federal Open Market Committee (Fed) meeting.

The meeting kicks off on Tuesday and ends Wednesday with the release of the monetary policy statement which will also include a summary of economic projections. Fed Chair Powell will hold a press conference immediately following the release at 2:30 p.m. ET.


There is no rate cut expected at this meeting, but what comes of the Statement and press conference could move the markets — so stay tuned.

The markets will also have to contend with the continued saga surrounding the US/China trade issues.


Reports to watch:


Manufacturing data comes from Monday’s Empire State Index followed by Thursday’s Philadelphia Fed Index.
On Tuesday, Housing Starts and Building Permits will be released with Existing Home Salesbeing delivered on Friday.
As usual, Weekly Initial Jobless Claims will be released on Thursday.
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June 17, 2019

Multi Generational Living

Gen Xers Driving Multi-Generational Housing Trend
decorative image
MultiGen LivingThis Is Us. Jane the Virgin. Black-ish. What do they have in common? They are all family television programs that have members of multiple generations living under one roof. But the reality of multi-generational living is more than sitcom fodder. 

According to the 2019 Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends report by the National Association of REALTORS®(NAR), multi-generational housing continues to be a growing trend among homebuyers. This trend is driven largely by Gen Xers, who are the second-largest band of homebuyers today at 24%. Of that cohort, one in six purchased a multi-gen home, half of whom cited accommodating adult children as their reason for doing so. 

When it comes to millennial buyers, nine percent purchased a multi-generational property they could share with aging parents, per the report. 

Whether you're looking to accommodate aging parents or making room for your boomerang child, these tips will help you find the right place to make it work. 

Look for a home that was built with multi-generational living in mind.
Schumacher HomesLennar, and Plantation Homes are just a few of the builders offering a multi-gen solution in a brand-new residence. 

Tailor your home search.
If custom built multi-generational home isn't doable, look for a home that's easily convertible. A downstairs bedroom and bath is key for older residents, and an en suite bathroom is even better. A home with a basement or attic may seem like an ideal place to turn into a grandparent's haven, but stairs can be dangerous and obviously wouldn't work for a parent using a walker or wheelchair. 

A property with a guesthouse or enough land on which to place a granny suite or tiny home is another option. Just make sure the land is zoned properly to accommodate this type of structure. 

Make smart renovations.
Taking down walls to create an open floorplan is a smart move that can have a positive impact on your home's value and also make it more accessible for aging parents. 

The National Association of Home Builders' (NAHB) Aging-In-Place Remodeling Checklist recommends a "5-foot by 5-foot clear/turn space in living area, kitchen, a bedroom, and a bathroom." They also suggest wide hallways that measure a minimum of 36-inches across, good lighting, and non-slip flooring.
6 Kitchen Design Trends Inspired by Restaurant Kitchens
decorative image
Not all kitchen design trends stand the test of time, but a restaurant kitchen is meant to be as functional as possible for as long as possible. Taking a few cues from restaurant kitchens can help you create a residential kitchen that you'll be sure to love for years to come! 

Restaurant Kitchen

1. Forget the Island
A kitchen island allows for lots of prep space and storage but can also make even a large space seem cramped and crowded. A work table in place of the kitchen island still provides plenty of room to work, offers shelving underneath for storage, and can be moved easily when not in use. 

2. Consider a Stainless Steel Backsplash
Stainless steel is durable, doesn't absorb microbes, and is fire-resistant, which is why it's long been a popular material for commercial kitchen backsplashes. It's also easy to clean and coordinates with most kitchen styles. 

3. Hang Utensil Rods
Rarely do restaurant kitchens keep utensils in drawers, as this is a surefire way to create a cluttered, jumbled mess. A utensil rod or two will keep all your kitchen tools organized, in plain sight, and close at hand. 

4. Install a Magnetic Knife Strip
Much like utensil rods, many commercial kitchens include magnetic strips along walls to hold chefs' knives. Storing knives on a magnetic wall strip reduces the risk of cutting yourself while rooting around in a drawer and also allows you to easily see each knife blade type and size. A magnetic knife strip also eliminates the need for a bulky knife block on the countertop. 

5. Use Wire Shelving in Your Pantry
Wire shelving allows for air circulation around your stored foodstuffs, reducing damage from heat and humidity. Wire shelves also don't need cleaning as often as standard wood shelves. 

6. Install an Open Shelf Over the Stovetop
Many commercial kitchens feature an open shelf or two over the stovetop, for holding pots and pans, spices, timers, and even a recipe or prep instructions. Consider asking your kitchen contractor about an open shelf over your new stovetop, for added convenience and to break up the look of a bare wall behind the stove.
June 4, 2019

Demand for Agriculture Farm Lots on Oahu Hawaii

Demand for Farm Lots & AG Zoned Land


flowers grown on oahu hawaii ag land

The farm-to-table concept of locally grown farm products is in high demand.  Many individuals dream of owning land on which they can run a family farm, raise livestock, or just have space to enjoy. Residents of Oahu live and work in densely populated areas with little to no room for farming or live stock.

The average home value on Oahu is now close to $780,000. Because of this, home owners are in a unique position to sell or to borrow against their homes in the city and purchase a larger piece of land on the North Shore where they can enjoy the open space and ability to farm or ranch.

The ability to drive only 45 minutes to the North Shore from the Honolulu Airport and enjoy a private farm or ranch is highly desired.  However, the cost of buying agricultural land with a current home or with a building right is out of reach for most residents. Most of Oahu’s AG land is in large pieces and is owned by large corporations, limiting very little access to the public. What little AG land that is available is priced in the $500,000 per acre range or higher.

haleiwa agricultrual land oahu

In 2010, Kunia Loa Ridgeland Farms purchased 854 acres of fallow farmland from James Campbell Co. for $7.7 million. The property was split into farm only lots (homes or farm dwelling not allowed) ranging from five to 35 acres, and sold to local farmers. Ninety-nine lots were listed on the market and all have been sold. These lots did not have water or electric and had dirt roads. Today these lots are sold at almost $100,000 per acre.

One of the major problems for Kunia Loa is that 50% of the land purchased was unusable due to the hilly terrain. We will be selling lots with 5 acres or more of farmable useable land.

Kunia Loa is not the only AG Park on Oahu.  Mililani Agricultural Park is one of ten parks operated by the State of Hawaii, on all the islands. However, these parks only lease land to farmers. Leaving farmers without the ability to purchase and own land, forever making them an indentured leasee to the owner. Farmers have no way to pass on land and a heritage of farming. In addition, nearly all of the state’s AG parks have no space available for lease. Kunia Loa lot prices ranged from $40,000 to $60,000 per acre. Kunia Loa sold its only 35 acre parcel for $1.4 million in 2010. These are 2010 prices, which is drastically lower than 2016 market values.

Haleiwa Ag land Oahu Hawaii

Marconi Point Condominium Property Regime, is another successful AG lot development located next to Turtle bay Resort on Marconi Road. This very isolated, windy and cloudy area has very little use for farming. But the high demand for AG land and necessity for space proved to be a winner. The first lots to sell in the project were the AG use only, no house allowed lots. Prices ranged from $300,000 to $500,000 for two and three acre lots. All 5 of the AG only lots are sold out.

We have farm lots that already have electric and water infrastructure in place, are located in one of the most popular visitor destinations on Oahu, and close to the amenities and a growing tourist market of Haleiwa, should prove very profitable.

We will sell five acre AG lots from $400,000 to $600,000 depending on farmable area, location and views. This is an average per acre sales price of $100,000. The high necessity and demand for farm lots, combined with the administrative process of breaking up the lots, which does not require an public hearings, is the easiest and most lucrative approach for this investment.

Please contact Ralph Gray at 808-295-0704 or visit www.HawaiianBeachfront.com for more infiormation.

kahuku ag land horses oahu hawaii

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June 4, 2019

Demand for Housing in Hawaii Oahu Honolulu

Demand For Housing on Oahu Hawaii

Hawaii's high-priced housing market creates a burden on local working families, who face the highest housing costs in the nation. Hawaii’s expensive housing prohibits many families ability to live in Hawaii. Rents have continued to rise, and demand for housing, including luxury units, has increased. Average rents in Hawaii increased by 45 percent during 2005–2012, while average wages increased by only 21 percent. More and more households struggle to afford even a modest place to live in Hawaii, which has the highest housing wage”—the amount a full‐time worker would have to earn to afford a two bedroom market rental—at $31.54 an hour.


Housing demand Honolulu Hawaii Oahu


Hawaii will need a total of 19,000 new units by 2016 to meet the demand for low‐income households, yet few affordable units are being developed to meet this need. Hawaii faces the highest rate of homelessness among the states, in large part due to the lack of affordable housing. A new state report estimates that Hawaii needs nearly 64,693 new homes to meet demand over the next ten years. Former State Economist and current owner of TZ Economics Paul Brewbaker's research describes a perpetual housing shortage stemming from the state of Hawaii issuing a maximum of 1,500 permits per year for new housing and the Oahu market requiring an estimated 3,500 new units per year.  At a macro level, the low supply and high demand means the median price will


 Housing demand graph honolulu hawaii oahu


most likely continue to increase. The analysis by the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism concluded that the state needs 64,693 to 65,991 housing units between 2015 and 2025. That breaks down to 25,847 units for Honolulu, 19,610 for the Big Island, 13,949 for Maui County and 5,287 for Kauai. The report emphasized that there aren’t enough homes being built: only 2,400 units each year between 2009 and 2013.


June 4, 2019

Investing In Oahu Real Estate

Island Of Oahu "the gathering Place"

Honu Green sea turtle Papailoa Beach Haleiwa Oahu Hawaii

Honu or Green Sea Turtle enjoying its sea weed lunch on 3 mile long Papailoa Beach, Haleiwa Oahu Hawaii


The island of Oahu is the third largest and most visited island in Hawaii. It is home to nearly

80% of Hawaii’s diverse population, history, and culture. Oahu is the most populous island with

the Honolulu as the Capital. Aptly named "The Gathering Place," Oahu is the hub of the Hawaiian

Islands, and Honolulu is the heartbeat of Oahu. One of the most ethnically diverse cities in

the United States, more than 75 percent of the state's multicultural population reside there.


Waikiki Beach Honolulu Oahu Hawaii

Waikiki and Ala Moana Beaches, Oahu Hawaii


The economic and entertainment capital of Hawaii, Honolulu is a sophisticated metropolis with a

plethora of activities, attractions, and events; however, the city also enjoys a tropical atmosphere

and magnificent natural beauty. Much of Hawaii's culture is preserved in Honolulu, in its many

museums, churches, national memorials and monuments, and the Iolani Palace. Perhaps all of these are reasons why

70,000 travelers from around the world visit the island each day. Honolulu is a unique and strategically important city,

in which East meets West in business and trade. Honolulu is one of the top 10 real estate markets in the country for

international buyers.


Kaneohe Bay Oahu Oceanfront

Kaneohe Bay, Windward Oahu


Listed below are 4 reasons investing on the island of Oahu is financially sound.

1. The high rate of appreciation for your property’s value. Currently Oahu’s annual appreciate rate for single family homes and condominiums is above 6% per year, when you look at a span of the last 40 years. This means that if you were to purchase a property and hold onto it for 10 years your property value theoretically would have increased approximately 80% assuming a straight line average appreciation.

2. A high demand for property. From Paul Brewbaker of TZ Economics, "We are currently in a situation of having a perpetual housing shortage because Oahu is not able to build enough homes to keep up with the population increase. Add to this the desirability of Oahu for second home buyers and investors and you have a formula for impressive equity growth in the long run."

3. The stable pricing due to limited supply. Oahu enjoys a stable trend of pricing due to our high demand and limited supply. When you compare the historical median housing prices to those of the mainland US or even the neighboring islands, we had a smaller decline in prices during the Great Recession and were able to bounce back to our current market highs within 13 months.

4. The stable rental rates. The rental rates for Oahu tend to follow the trend in pricing. Given that prices have increased in the last 10 years, it is no surprise that Oahu’s rental rates have doubled in the last ten years. With a limited inventory of housing, it is easier for an investor to expect lower vacancy rates.

5. We have some of the best and most sought after beaches in the world on Oahu and all behind private homes, not hotels. In fact Conde Naste Magazine rates Kailua and Lanikai on Oahu as one of the top ten beaches of the world with over 3 miles of sand.


Waimanalo Beach Oahu Hawaii

Waimanalo Beach, Windward Oahu.


Oahu Quick Facts:

• Capital City: Honolulu

• Population: 905,266

• Average Temperature: 75 ̊- 85 ̊ F

• Miles of Coast: 112

• Iolani Palace in Honolulu is the only royal palace in the U.S.

• Highest Point: Mt. Kaala (rising 4,020’ above sea level) is located near historical Haleiwa Town the second most visited and popular town on Oahu.

Canoe Sailing Oahu Hawaii Kailua

Hawaiian Canoe Sailing, Molokai in the background

April 11, 2019

Top Ten Most Expensive Beachfront Homes on Oahu

 Kailua Beachfront Hawaii

Oahu, or The Gathering Place, is home to Hawaii's capital Honolulu and many other smaller, beautiful towns. Being the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands, it is also home to around one million people. However, aside from being a home to those people, Oahu is also a famous tourist attraction and that's not all. This island is very popular among people who love luxurious homes. Not only do they have great weather and days full of sunshine all year long, but you also have stunning nature everywhere they turn. We are showing you here the top ten most expensive beachfront listings on Oahu in case you decide to purchase one for yourself. Why not, right?

Why are beachfront listings on Oahu so expensive?

Long story short, because they have everything you could ever ask for. The most expensive beachfront listings on Oahu are all unique in a way, but they also have a lot of similarities. First of all, an ocean view is a must, of course. Now, for example, if you are moving from Florida to another state like Hawaii, you are already used to having  an ocean view almost everywhere. But, besides that, these expensive homes have numerous luxurious amenities, open floorplans, and beautiful, astonishing finishes. The truth is that any of these homes would be more than enough for anyone. No matter if it's only for a few weekends a year or daily. However, their differences set their prices, and that is why we have this list of the 10 most expensive beachfront listings on Oahu.

One: 145 Kailuana Loop - House of the Resting Sea

The most expensive home on Oahu is currently Kai Moena or House of the Resting Sea. If you have $28,500,000 to spare, you can purchase this astonishing 60,000 square-foot property. That means that you will no longer be using safe storage units to add space, like the ones you may have used in Florida, because you can fit everything here.

 Every day could be a beach day if you own a beachfront home

The house is near Kailua Beach and it has two main residences. Between them, there are ten bedrooms, three half baths, and eight full bathrooms. Kai Moena has two fully equipped kitchens, where you or your chef can make fancy meals for all the people in the house. And let's face it - a lot of people can fit into this beautiful property. Other luxury amenities include a lagoon pool, fitness room and sauna, tennis court and media rooms. And let's not forget about the huge yard that is separated from the tropical hardwood floors only by a sliding door.

Two: 51 Kaikea Place

The second most expensive beachfront listing on Oahu is also near Kailua Beach and its price tag is $26 million. This huge property of 7,851 square-feet was built in 2008 but it looks good as new. This beautiful home has seven bedrooms, two half baths, and five full ones. So, feel free to call your friends for a sleep-over, since it has enough room for everyone. You can spend your time inside, in front of the lava rock fireplace or outside, in a spacious yard.

Three: 202 Kaiku'ono Place

This beautiful, contemporary home of 4,829 square-feet was featured in Architectural Digest and Forbes Magazine. And it can be yours for only $22 million. It has four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms and it’s only a few steps from the magnificent South Shore surf. If you don't feel like going out, you can enjoy the view of Diamond Head Beach from your balcony. And if you, however, decide to visit the beach, you will have your own private deeded beach access. And it's always nice to avoid crowds, right?

 Enjoy the luxurious pools at expensive homes if you want to avoid the beach

Four: 68-407 Farrington Highway

This is not only one of the most expensive beachfront listings on Oahu, but also one of the largest oceanfront homes. If you love wide-open spaces with 1,000 linear feet of beach frontage, this 1,393,900 square feet property can be yours for $20 million. This huge property actually has four different parcels, which can be enough for as many as eight homes. And if you ever get tired of walking around your home and yard, you can visit North Shore and enjoy diving and surfing, since it is within walking distance from your home.

Five: 3639 Diamond Head Road

This dazzling house on the beach was originally built in 1941, but rebuilt in 2004 in classic Hawaiian style. It has three bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms that could be yours for $18.8 million. As you can see, compared to other most expensive beachfront listings on Oahu, it's not even that big.  However, it is enriched with hardwood floors and board-and-batten siding. But the really nice touch are glass doors that slide to let you step on your 85 linear feet of beach. And that is the reason why, even though it's fabulous, no one even notices the indoors. 

Six: 5403 Kalaniana'ole Highway

This sophisticated and cozy modern home lies on the Niu Beach. Another exquisite example of a house that was built in 1989 but remodeled in 2015 to be inviting and welcoming. If you have $17,950,000 to spare, this seven-bedroom property can be yours. Even though it has three master suites, everyone will probably spend more time either on the 185 linear feet of beach frontage, or using some of the great amenities it offers. If you ever get tired of the fascinating landscape, you can jump into your Jacuzzi or pool. And if you're looking for a more active kind of entertainment, maybe you can organize a tennis tournament in your backyard with your friends.

Seven: 280 Po'ipu Drive

This is an enormous property of 60,000 square feet of ocean-view lot. It was built in 2010 on the slopes of Koko Head. All six bedrooms, seven baths and a tremendous outdoor pool can be yours for $17,750,000. You can enjoy the view from Maunalua Bay to Diamond Head if you are not in the mood for the indoor amenities.

Eight: 41-543 Kalaniana'ole Highway

This gorgeous property with nine bedrooms and seven and a half bathrooms overlooks some of the most wonderful waters on Oahu. In 2017, they remodeled it and now it's a real show stopper. With a modern kitchen, remodeled baths with stunning glasswork and custom hand-carved wood finishes, no wonder it costs $16,9 million. You can also host all kinds of events outdoors with an astonishing 360-degree view, complimented with a spa and pool. 

 There are so many amenities that you can enjoy daily

Nine: 1105 Kaimoku Place

This property features two houses and nearly an acre of land east of Wai'alae Golf Course. The first home is a single-level with five bedrooms and a pool. It has 118 linear feet of beach you can enjoy daily. The other one is actually a guest house and has four bedrooms, but it is also stunning. Both of them, with the 8,000 square feet of living area, can be yours for $15 million.

Ten: 4577 Kahala Avenue

On a quiet and private stretch of Kahala beach, you can find this marvelous resort-like property. With five bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms, it is listed for $15 million. They designed it in contemporary Island style, so one of the most expensive beachfront listings on Oahu will make you feel like you are in your own private hotel. If you are not enjoying the beach or numerous amenities, you can stay in your master bedroom and relax with a magnificent view of the ocean and beyond to Koko Head.

April 11, 2019

Hawaii Loa Ridge Real Estate

Hawaii Loa Ridge Real Estate

Hawaii Loa Ridge


Hawaii Loa Ridge is known as “The Luxury Real Estate Ridge” in Honolulu. It is a gated community with about 500 homes. Whether you’re in search of vacant land or a luxury home in Hawaii Loa Ridge, keep reading to find out more about this amazing neighborhood in Honolulu and why to choose this luxury neighborhood for your new home.

Why Hawaii Loa Ridge?

There are a lot of excellent options available when you’re looking to purchase real estate in Hawaii. However, if you’re looking for a luxury home, you’ll need to check out Hawaii Loa Ridge. As one of the premier neighborhoods in Honolulu, it provides every living luxury you might consider necessary for your new home. This is why Hawaii Loa Ridge is one of the most popular locations for buying that extraordinary one of a kind homes.

Amazing real estate

The most prominent reason people choose to buy a home in Hawaii Loa Ridge is the view of the Pacific Ocean and the quality of the real estate itself! Almost all of the homes on this Honolulu neighborhood are custom built and provide homeowners with an amazing living experience. However, not every home will suit your needs or preferences, and since they are all custom-built, finding the one which fits you best can be a challenge. So, to get the most out of your Hawaii house you should choose wisely, consider all options and, if needed, get an agency to help you find your dream home in Hawaii. Hawaii Loa Ridge homes typically range in price from $2mm to $10mm with lot sizes from 8,000 sq.ft. to 30,000 sq.ft. with home sizes from 3,500 sq.ft to 6,000 sq.ft.

Ocean views

Hawaii Loa Ridge Ocean Views


Another thing which stands out with this beautiful Honolulu location is the view. Nothing spells peace and quiet like a terrace overlooking the ocean. And this is exactly what you’ll get when you purchase one of the luxury homes in Hawaii Loa Ridge. Embrace the beautiful island like never before and enjoy the tranquility and ease of access of East Oahu.

Peaceful environment

And when we’re talking about tranquility, there are a few places in the world that can measure up to Hawaii Loa Ridge! An urban environment is fast-paced, hectic and, well, urban, and Hawaii is no exception. However, you can find your peace and quiet if you purchase one of the luxury homes in Hawaii Loa Ridge. This neighborhood is situated perfectly on a hillside overlooking the ocean behind private gates to ensure safety, peace and quiet. And, if you’ve been following the 2019 home trends you’ll realize that more and more people have been doing just that! If you’re looking for additional privacy and security, you should check the luxury homes in Hawaii Loa Ridge in the UBER LUXURY area called the Pointe. This is a second gate within Hawaii Loa, that goes to the Pointe.

Looking for a home

General suitability of your home to your needs will depend on a lot of factors, and when you’re buying a luxury home, you’ll want to carefully evaluate them all before committing yourself. Since these homes aren’t exactly cheap, you don’t want to make a mistake and buy a home that doesn't fit perfectly..

Location - your dream Hawaii home will need to be perfectly situated for your needs. Are the views amazing? Will they build in front of me and block my view in the future?You dot want to be living next to barking dogs, loud music or other distractions. 

Space - having enough room in your living space is crucial. So, only choose the luxury homes in Hawaii Loa Ridge that are spacious enough to accommodate you. Do you need 3 bedrooms, or 5 bedrooms? Do you really need that Theater Room?

Pricing - the prices of Hawaii Loa Ridge homes vary from lot to lot, views and the house design and features.

What’s on the lot - buy an already completed house or fixer upper or invest in an empty lot and build your own custom house!


Looking for a home for your move to Hawaii

Hawaii Loa Ridge Pool Ocean View

Ocean views, custom made living spaces and tranquility. What more can a person ask for!

Making sure you pick the best location for your new home is crucial when you’re planning to move. There is a difference when relocating to Honolulu. Before moving to any location, you should already have a home ready as this will make it much easier for you to settle in. Of course, you could rent until you find that perfect luxury home in Hawaii and buy it. However, this isn’t the best option as far as moving is concerned as you’ll need to transport everything twice.

Retiring in Honolulu

Hawaii Loa Ridge Sunset


Are you looking for a step up from your everyday life? Do you enjoy sunshine and white, sandy beaches? If so, then Hawaii is the perfect location for your retirement. A lot of Americans decide to relocate to Florida when they retire, but nothing can beat the island paradise that is Honolulu.

Additionally, if you’re currently living in the states, and you don’t want to retire there, you could settle for the best option out there - luxury homes in Hawaii Loa Ridge. However, before you go buying a home for your retirement, you’ll need information and preparation. So make sure you plan it well. You can call us or Click Here To See Amazing Homes

Finally, when you’re ready to retire, you’ll need assistance. It’s better to get everything done properly so that you can enjoy your retirement as soon as you get there, and for that, you might need professional help. Before you make any choices, please reach out and contact us at 808-295-0704 or email us at Ralph@HawaiianBeachfront.com 

If your looking for that Hawaiian dream living space, look at luxury homes in Hawaii Loa Ridge, and you’ll surely find the best option for yourself! And whether you’re retiring here, buying a rental property or a vacation house, you’ll need to prepare and know what you want. Make sure to reach out to a professional Realtor like Team Gray so they can guide you through the Hawaii Real Estate maze and get you on the right track to a successful home purchase.

March 10, 2019

Relocating to Honolulu Oceanfront


Relocating to Honolulu Hawaii and the Oceanfront

If your company is relocating you to Hawaii or you feel the need to relocate to a new place and choose Hawaii, were here to help. From time to time, we all have the urge to try out something new and fresh. Sometimes we have no choice or our company is moving us. So, if you’re about to choose a location for your move - why not Hawaii? Naturally, you’ll want to know the local real estate market conditions before deciding to buy some in Hawaii. If you want recommendations from a great realtor, we’re here to give you a few great tips.

World renowned Lanikai Sunrise. To see it is breathtaking. The Moon rise is special too.

Some great Oahu beachfront Real Estate in Lanikai 

If you want to relocate to Hawaii from another state and buy a piece of Oahu oceanfront real estate, let’s agree - what you’re looking for is natural splendor and white sand beach. But these days, Hawaii is a tourist paradise, so finding an area almost untouched by man is not easy. However, that’s where the real estate around Lanikai Beach comes in! Although the beach is public property, there are no commercial facilities there. So, you’ll be able to enjoy nature as it was meant to be experienced. Trust us - after seeing the Moon rise above the Mokuluas from here, your life will never be the same again. Lanikai is for beach lovers and is ranked in the top ten beaches of the world by Conde Naste and others. Being born and raised in Lanikai and building my current home there, I can assure you this is a world class destination with world class views. Homes in the area range from $1.3mm-$4mm for interior homes and $3.5mm-$12mm for beachfront homes.

Lanikai Beach and the Mokulua Islands

Kailua Beachfront is a great place for a new resident to relocate

Kailua Oahu oceanfront real estate trends - sales of homes in Kailua have experienced quite a rise in the previous year, especially compared to single family homes off the beach. So, if you’re interested in buying a Kailua beachfront condo or home, knowing where to look on the Hawaii beachfront is important. We definitely recommend considering the real estate on or near Kailua Beach! Kailua is very popular for beach goes and ocean sports enthusiasts. If water-based activities are important to you, but you’re still concerned about safety - this is the perfect spot for you! The wind is consistent and seas are generally calm in the area, so it’s perfect for some light kayaking, Kite Surfing, Wind Surfing or just walking along the beach. Homes in the area range from $1.3mm-$2mm for interior homes and $3.5mm-$12mm for beachfront homes.

Kailua Beach is definitely one of the calmer areas in Oahu! A white sandy beach next to calm waters.

Waimanalo Beach is a fantastic getaway

Let’s face it, a real estate investment is a big investment of your hard earned money. So, before buying a property, getting a moving estimate online and relocating there - you should definitely do a lot of thinking. Primarily – decide what kind of area you’re looking for. If Hawaii is a great place for you, but you really mind all the tourists - we still have some great Oahu oceanfront real estate to recommend! For example - Waimanalo Beach may be just the thing you’re looking for. Along it’s beautiful sandy shores, you’ll find no hotels or resorts.

So, while an occasional tourist may still wind up there from other parts of Oahu - you’ll definitely have your peaceful life here. Imagine being able to take long walks along some sandy beaches next to crystal-clear waters, without any resorts or noise disturbing your tranquility. This area is considered very popular by local residents and has an old Hawaii feeling to it. Homes in the area range from $800k-$1.5mm for interior homes and $3.5mm-$5mm for beachfront homes.

Moving to Waimanalo Beach will provide a very peaceful life! Miles of amazing beachfront to walk on and enjoy.

Diamond Head Beach is perfect for budding surfers and millionaires

Many people come to Hawaii to relax, enjoy the sun, and the beautiful clear skies. But as we’ve already partly mentioned, for some, this state is great because of the many different activities you can partake in. For example - if you’re an avid surfer, then Diamond Head Beach might be your best choice among Oahu oceanfront real estate! Diamond Head is a place that’s best suited for those who want a luxury lifestyle and want to get away from some of the more crowded beaches on Oahu. The surfing waves are great for all levelst. Some of Hawaii's most expensive and luxurious homes are here on the beach and are seldome available for sale but can sometimes be purchased. It is also a very private beach on weekdays and there is a great hike to the summit of Diamond Head cliff with a wonderful view. I highly recommend Diamond Head for those looking to be close to Waikiki but far enough away to enjoy a great beach and a luxury lifestyle. Homes in the area range from $2mm-$6mm for interior homes and $6mm-$20mm for beachfront homes.

Diamond Head Beach with its amazing surfing, Kite Surfing, Snorkeling and million dollar homes

Kahala Beach is very family-friendly and close to everything

Moving to Hawaii is easy and simple if you have the right connections and partners. Certainly, buying real estate in Honolulu might mean a more exciting life, but if you want a more private area for a family home - Kahala Beach may be just the ticket. We can show you the best areas in Kahala to fit your budget and make sure your investment is a wise decision. Kahala has always been condidered a luxury area to live in and has some of the most expensive real estate on Oahu. With level streets and multiple parks its great for families. Kahala is also close to Kahala Mall and other shopping destinations. Only 15 minutes to Honolulu and 5 minutes to Waikiki. Kahala is a great place to live.

 Buying Oahu luxury or oceanfront real estate in Kahala means that there won’t be many tourists nearby, and you’ll basically get a beach all for yourself on those special weekday morning walks. Homes in the area range from $2mm-$6mm for interior homes and $5mm-$20mm for beachfront homes.

Kahala Beach is very private and attracts the mega wealthy of Hawaii.

Laniakea Beach has the most beautiful natural vistas

If you’ve got the chance to buy a home in a wonderful natural place with amazing natural sights - why not make it happen? Did you know about all of the wonders of the North Shore and Laniakea Beach? For one, you can find some very nice Luxury Homes here on Papailoa Road, especially in comparison with some other Oahu areas. But that’s not all - you can also enjoy all the natural splendor Hawaii has. If you’re relocating to this area, you’ll be able to spot amazing green sea turtles that populate this area. You can even come close enough to have a good look and snap some cool photos! But this is a beach like no other. You can walk for 3 miles on white sand and you may or may not see a single person on the whole walk. You can walk to Haleiwa town for a cup of coffee or just enjoy sitting and watching the seal life. The most recent sales are $12mm, $7.8mm, $3.2mm and $3mm for beachfront homes in the last 12 months.

Laniakea is amazing and a one of the kind experience. Let us show you the north shore you dreamed about, click here: North Shore Luxury Beachfront.  Homes in the area range from $1.3mm-$2mm for interior homes and $3.5mm-$12mm for beachfront homes.

Laniakea Beach on Oahus North Shore near Haleiwa

Feb. 27, 2019

Honolulu Hawaii Beachfront Market

Beachfront Real Estate Solds for Oahu Hawaii


The Oahu Hawaii Beachfront market has turned for the better and it looks like it's about to boom again. We have had some significant sales on Oahu in the last few months with more pending.

There was a sale in May in Kailua on the beachfront for $18,800,000 at 72 South Kalaheo Ave. for a 36,000 sq.ft lot with 7 bedrooms and 8 baths in a 10,000 sq.ft. home. It was an amazing home with celebrity guests and spectacular location on the beach. See picture below.

Two more beachfront homes sold in Kailua for $15,000,000 plus each. Both were direct beachfront and located on large pieces of land in Kailua. See picture below.

Recently two homes sold in Lanikai for over $10,000,000 and $12,000,000 dollars. Both were older homes with amazing views of the Mokulua islands, the ocean and sit right on the beach. One of the homes was owned by a prominent attorney and past president of the bar association of Oahu. See pictures below.

There was also a sale in Haleiwa on the beachfront on the North Shore for $12,000,000 which set the record for highest sale ever in Haleiwa. Another beachfront two doors down sold for $7,800,000 and was purchased by 11 time World Champion Surfer Kelly Slater. Both homes were located on Papailoa Road. See pictures below.

papailoa beachfront haleiwa

We recently sold a wonderful Beachfront Home at Laniakea Beach in Haleiwa Hawaii with 5 bedrooms, 4 bath for $3,300,000. The home was a custom built plantation style home with two separate cottages and a moan home. The home was located in Kawailoa with over 3 miles of white sand beach to walk on. See picture below.

If your looking for a beachfront Home in Hawaii, please contact us at 808-295-0704 or here on our web site www.HawaiianBeachfront.com. We will listen to what you really want, your desires, dreams and your budget. Then guide you to the best oceanfront, beachfront or luxury home value in the islands. With 20 full time years selling property on Oahu and over 120 years of family knowledge, we can help your dreams come true.