Investing in Oahu luxury homes: There’s something for everyone

Buying Hawaii beachfront homes for sale doesn’t have to be a precursor for you to move permanently into one of the archipelagos many fabled islands. With the diversity of properties available on Oahu island, one could invest for many reasons, including as a vacation getaway, to turn into a renter’s Paradise, or make an wise investment move and benefit from long-term capital appreciation.

Regardless of what your motivation might be, one thing’s for sure: Oahu luxury homes offer a plethora of diversity in location, architectural style and features. All you need to do, to find one that’s just right for your lifestyle, is speak with a realtor that specializes in luxury Oahu homes.          


The variety of luxury homes: What to expect in Oahu

Real estate on the 3rd-largest island on the Hawaiian archipelago is often a mystery unto itself. Oahu luxury homes never make it on the nightly news. They’re seldom featured on the front pages of newspapers or the tabloids. And they’re not a household name that most people are familiar with. However, perhaps that’s how many residents and investors of luxury homes in Hawaii, here in Oahu, like it to be!

Tucked-away from public gaze, are gorgeous, stunning homes and condominiums nestled in serene settings all across Oahu island. From mountains and valleys, rolling hills and expansive sandy beaches, gorgeous blue skies and awesome weather. Oahu island owners of luxury condos in Honolulu, Kailua, Portlock, Aina Haina and Niu Valley, among a host of others, enjoy peace of mind, relaxation and serenity in knowing they’ve made great property ownership decisions.

Luxury Honolulu Homes

Oahu offers a broad diversity of homes to investors and would-be residents. Oceanfront Hawaii investment real estate isn’t the only choice for buyers. There are single-family homes with views to the Marina, those facing the beaches, and homes with stunning mountainous backdrops. But you’ll also find high-rise condos and luxury Kailua real estate that include penthouses with rooftop pools and breathtaking views.

The best part of the variety of Oahu luxury homes is that it offers you the best of several worlds. If you are an urbanite, you’ll probably embrace owning or investing in Kailua real estate, with plenty of opportunities for urban shopping and socializing. Owning luxury Honolulu real estate, on the other hand, provides ample opportunity taking in nature hikes and plenty of outdoor activities. And, a great aspect of this variety is how easily Kailua residents can switch to a Honolulu lifestyle, and vice versa – typically less than half-an-hours drive and residents from one community can enjoy what the others have!

Not too far from the buzz and crowds

It’s often believed (mistakenly!) that owning Hawaii beachfront homes for sale gives people the ability to retreat from the typical hub-hub, buzz and stress of their usual lives. And that’s a valid assumption. For example, many investors in Hawaiian homes use their luxury Honolulu real estate as vacation properties, and can’t wait to make their regular great escapes to their home-away-from-home.  But that doesn’t mean all they do is lay back and enjoy the sun and the sandy beaches.

luxury condos honolulu hawaii

For those investors that buy property anywhere in Oahu, be it luxury condos in Honolulu, beachfront homes in Niu Valley, or in any other Oahu communities, the highway systems and road networks make it easy to move from beach comber to restaurant diner, medical support seeker or business leader. Your Oahu luxury homes cut you off from civilization – but only on your terms! You’re free to join the buzz and the crowds whenever you please to do so.

Pick your lifestyle

So, what does owning luxury homes in Hawaii entail? Well, it really depends on your lifestyle and objectives. Whether you are a resident of the Hawaiian mainland, a local buyer in a particular community, or an international buyer – your lifestyle and property ownerships may determine your motives behind making those investments.


Many investment homes in Aina Haina, for instance, may represent secondary homes for individuals (and families) that prefer to have homes away from their primary homes. They may be Hawaiian residents, or they might reside in a different state or country. Their motives may be just to own a vacation get-away property in Oahu.

Others want a drastic change in their lifestyle. For them, buying Kailua real estate, or purchasing homes in Portlock or Aina Haina, for example, may be the precursor for a bigger lifestyle decision – a permanent move. Perhaps the backdrop might be impending retirement. It could be that their current home brings them unbearable stress, and they’re looking to relocate to a more peaceful and less stressful residential community in Oahu.


Others might have a different motivation. Their lifestyle might be that of a busy property dealer, and they might decide to put money in Hawaii investment real estate purely as a financial transaction. With property values continually on the rise, many real estate investors look at Oahu as the ideal place to tap for their investment property portfolios.

Hawaii Investment real estate


Over the past 36-years, investors in Oahu luxury homes have seen changes in total sale price of 393.8% and 374.9% in single family and condo properties.

investment in hawaii real estate


What this means is that, if your lifestyle doesn’t permit owning Hawaii beachfront homes for sale in Oahu, to live in, you’ll have done pretty well as an investor – over the long-term – by investing in single family or condominium properties in Oahu.



Yet other investors might prefer the lifestyle of being landlords. For them, investing in

luxury condos in Honolulu, or buying beachfront single family homes anywhere on Oahu island, is a means to secure a steady stream of rental income. With Hawaii being a prime tourist destination, and Oahu in particular, offering much for tourists and visitors to enjoy, rental homes and apartments are high in demand.

 honolulu investment real estate




Latest estimates show that the average rental value in Oahu is around $2,070.  That’s significantly higher than the $1,462 national average. This means your investment in luxury Honolulu real estate, or buying property in an Oahu residential community in, say, Niu Valley, could deliver you a steady stream of monthly income, while also steadily accumulating property appreciation.


A great thing about owning rental luxury homes in Hawaii is that they not only deliver predictable income, but may also provide owners the perfect island getaway opportunity – when not occupied by renters. So, instead of having a property vacant, why not invite friends and family over to enjoy some much needed R&R for themselves – and you too?