2020 Market Trends

Jan. 14, 2021

Part 2 Great place to work, Live and invest, Hawaii

Oahu, Hawaii: Your Choice of Places to Live, Work and Invest in

Part II of IV

An oasis within the deep blue Pacific Ocean! That’s the only way to describe what one experiences when living in a place like Hawaii.  For one, you’ll enjoy extended periods of warm sunny ...

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Dec. 30, 2020

Oahu Great place to live, work and invest

Oahu, Hawaii: Great Places to Live, Work and Invest in

Part I of IV

With so much anxiety and turmoil going on around the world today, it’s very tempting to look for a paradise haven of your own, and move your family there. Alternately, owning a nice vacation property in ...

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Dec. 22, 2020

Housing Market Dec. 20, 2020

Initial Jobless Claims are moving in the wrong direction, unfortunately, as the number of people filing for unemployment benefits for the first time increased in the latest week. While the number of people continuing to receive benefits did decline, read on below to see why this news is not as ...

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Dec. 14, 2020

Federal Government benefits are about to expire

Week of December 7th, 2020 in Review

The rise in COVID cases and decline in Paycheck Protection Program money is having a worsening impact on businesses and workers around the country as jobless claims trended in the wrong direction in the latest report. The number of people filing for unemployment ...

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