Luxury Homes in Hawaii: A touch of rusticism with plenty of modernity


How does one categorize a high-quality Hawaii beach house for sale? Is it the location of the property? Is it the age of the construction? Or is it the architectural style? Well, one could easily concede that the correct answer is: All of the above. However, that would likely only be part of the answer. To qualify as a truly stunning ocean-front property on Hawaii’s third-largest Island, Oahu, luxury Oahu real estate must include at least two additional qualities:

·        An unobstructed view of the gorgeous ocean right from your backyard, front yard or living room windows; and

·        A quick and easy way to access the sprawling beaches, coves and all other beach-front amenities that living in Oahu offers

Combine these characteristics with the services of a professional realtor who specializes in luxury Oahu homes, and you’ve got yourself a property deal worth bragging about!

A Place for All Reasons

People flock to Hawaii, and especially to the picturesque Oahu island, for many reasons. Some wish to get away from the dreary weather in their native lands. Some wish to make Hawaii their second home – one to escape to when they wish to beat the stress of their lives. Others might choose a place like Oahu specifically because of its vacation-like aura. They’ll make it a point to take a vacation trip once or twice a year to recharge, before getting back to the fast-paced life where they live the rest of the year.

A real estate investment in Oahu offers buyers with various reasons to make property purchases there. Whether it’s luxury Honolulu real estate opportunities you’re pursuing with an intent to becoming a landlord – and rent out the property; Or whether it’s about buying Lanikai real estate and making a permanent address change and relocating there – the reasons simply pile up.

lanikai beach house

For every reason you may have for making real estate investments and staying put in your current home country, city, town or suburb, there are as many reasons – if not more! – for investing in property in Hawaii and one of its most popular islands, Oahu.

More Than an Island Getaway

A decision to buy one of the many beachfront Hawaii condos for sale listed online is more than about having an island getaway. Yes, owning a piece of Paradise on earth is certainly worth the bragging rights that come with such a move. However, there’s more than that to making an investment in luxury homes in beachfront condominiums

According to the Zillow Hawaii Home Values index, property values in the island State have rocketed from $480k in Feb 2011 to $678k in Dec 2020. That’s a 41.25% return on your investment! Compare that with average 10-year returns of just 9.2% over the past 140-years for the S&P 500 index (according to Goldman Sachs). There’s no other risk-free investment like that – including stocks and bonds – that can compare.

So, we’ve established that your investment in a Hawaii beach house for sale definitely delivers rich financial rewards. A 10-year, 40-percent plus ROI is undeniable proof of that. Even over the short-term, according to Zillow, property values in Hawaii have risen by an average of nearly 4% in the past 1-year…and the appreciation continues.

But what else does your property in Hawaii deliver:

·        A peaceful place to retire, eventually, and call your permanent home

·        A way to diversify your real estate investment portfolio, regardless of whether you also own your current home elsewhere away from Hawaii

·        The opportunity to rent out your property, while you aren’t living in it, and generate an additional stream of rental income

And, least we forget: The beautiful sunsets and sun rises. The gorgeous ocean views. The pristine sandy beaches. The stunning skies. The awesome weather year around. A relaxed, easy-going lifestyle. Plenty of snorkeling, surfing and wind boarding…and much more. Investments in luxury Oahu homes, therefore, are more than a casual getaway strategy. They can also be about embracing a lifestyle of fun, relaxation and freedom from stress.

Picking Your Spots

There are eight major islands that make up Hawaii, with Oahu being the most populous of them (953,207). With a population of 186,738, the island of Hawaii is the second most populated island in the chain, closely followed by Maui (144,444) and Kauai (66,921). The population of the islands of Molokai, Lanai, Niihau and Kahoolawe (uninhabited) are between 170 and 7,300 inhabitants – almost deserted in comparison to Oahu.

Oahu Luxury Home for sale

Hawaii’s capital city, Honolulu, is in Oahu, and hosts a population of around 350,000-plus people. Investing in luxury Honolulu real estate, therefore, not only brings you all the trappings that host island Oahu offers, but it comes with the higher living standards that people living in most capital cities enjoy. Having a home in Honolulu, Oahu also brings another distinction with it: It (Honolulu) is the largest city and county in the state of Hawaii. Owning an oceanfront residence in a highly prestigious community like Diamond Head, Honolulu, is not only a great lifestyle move, but also a wise investment move – one that’ll pay off many times over in just a few years’ time.

With not too many properties on the market, luxury homes in Hawaii are still available in other greatly sought-after communities in Oahu too. And Lanikai is one such prized neighborhood. The challenge, however, is that when these homes are listed, they generate tremendous interest from would-be residents and investors alike. And, before you know it – someone else has beat you to owning your dream home.

Lanikai Ocean View Luxury Home 

The twin residential communities of Kailua-Lanikai, on Oahu’s southeastern coast, are located approximately 13 miles from the capital city of Honolulu, along the Kailua Bay. Lanikai real estate is abundant in sandy white beaches and steeped in history and myth. This used to be the place where ancient royals called home. And ancient Hawaiian legend has it that the mountains surrounding this area once were a giant, who turned into stone.  

The Best of All Worlds

It’s true, that owning beachfront luxury Oahu real estate offers the greatest of opportunities to escape far from the maddening crowds, get away from the traffic jams, and distance oneself from the pollution that most big cities inherit. However, your investments come with all the trimmings and trappings of the comforts of modern living.

Most Hawaii condos for sale listed online at come with an impressive list of amenities and utilities, including:

·        AC Split

·        Auto Garage Door Opener

·        Cable TV

·        Chandeliers

·        Convection Ovens

·        Dishwashers

·        Waste Disposal Units

·        Washers & Dryers

·        Fireplaces

·        Gas Grills…Refrigerators, Security Systems, Smoke Detectors, Solar Heaters…and a lot more!

In fact, when it comes to high-end living with a laid-back lifestyle, nothing beats what luxury Oahu homes have to offer!