Hawaii Real Estate

April 11, 2019

Top Ten Most Expensive Beachfront Homes on Oahu

 Kailua Beachfront Hawaii

Oahu, or The Gathering Place, is home to Hawaii's capital Honolulu and many other smaller, beautiful towns. Being the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands, it is also home to around one million people. However, aside from being a home to those people, Oahu is also a famous ...

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April 11, 2019

Hawaii Loa Ridge Real Estate

Hawaii Loa Ridge Real Estate

Hawaii Loa Ridge

When looking for a new home in Hawaii, you’ll have a lot to take into account. The most important thing will be to find the home that suits all your preferences. Luckily, Hawaii Loa Ridge is known as “The Luxury Real Estate Ridge” in Honolulu ...

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March 10, 2019

Relocating to Honolulu Oceanfront


Relocating to Honolulu Hawaii and the Oceanfront

If your company is relocating you to Hawaii or you feel the need to relocate to a new place and choose Hawaii, were here to help. From time to time, we all have the urge to try out something new and fresh ...

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Feb. 27, 2019

Honolulu Hawaii Beachfront Market

Beachfront Real Estate Solds for Oahu Hawaii


The Oahu Hawaii Beachfront market has turned for the better and it looks like it's about to boom again. We have had some significant sales on Oahu in the last few months with more pending.

There was a sale in May ...

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Feb. 27, 2019

Kakaako Condominiums Honolulu Hawaii

Kaka'ako Luxury Real Estate in Honolulu Hawaii

Hawaii islands are one of the most beautiful places in the world, with their cliffs, waterfalls, tropical foliage and beaches covered in gold, red, black and even green sand. And Honolulu is a great melting pot in the center of it all ...

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Feb. 17, 2019

2019 Home Trends

2019's Hottest Home Decor
decorative image
Comfort is trending for 2019, a consensus of home decorators agree, with more people seeking warm colors, intimate spaces and a casual but sophisticated lifestyle. 

Designers looking to pair physical coziness with emotional comfort forecast seven decor trends:


Scaled down furnishings - After years ...
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Feb. 16, 2019

Real Estate Market Conditions February 2019

The financial markets are sensing that the predicted government shutdown and protracted trade war with China will be averted. This is good news and a reason why stocks have continued to push higher and home loan rates have capped for the past few weeks.

Retail Sales

But last Thursday, Retail Sales was ...

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Feb. 14, 2019

Taking Care of Beachfront Real Estate Hawaii


Having beachfront real estate is what most people dream of.

Just imagine enjoying a breathtaking view of the sunset and watching green sea turtles and whales breaching in the distance from your patio while listening to the relaxing sound of waves. Who could wish for more? Now that you ...

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Posted in Hawaii Real Estate
Jan. 7, 2019

History of Hawaii Real Estate


hawaii government buildingPrior to the orgin of Hawaii's land system in the 1840's, the kings were the sovereign owners of all the islands. The picture above is of Iolani Palace, the only Royal Palace in America. The original unit of land, the "ahupuaa," usually extended from the shore to ...

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