Moving homes is a big decision to make. As you weigh all the relevant factors of your lifestyle against the huge number of options available to you, you may question whether the home you have chosen is right for your lifestyle- even in paradise.

When considering whether a luxury Kailua Hawaii home is right for your lifestyle, you’ll want to keep in mind a variety of features. Whether you are a nature-loving single ready for beach, sun, and fun, a new family with young kids, a hardworking professional, or a couple getting ready to retire, Kailua will likely offer the right mix of factors to make you feel at ease and at home. Let’s take a look at how to determine whether a luxury Kailua Hawaii home is right for your lifestyle.

What Kind of Home Do You Need?

The real estate on offer in Kailua mostly consists of condos and single-family homes, but that can encompass a huge range. Luxury living in Kailua is mostly concentrated in the neighborhoods of Lanikai and Kailua Beachside. Here you can find stunning private gated homes with serene ocean views. Tropical flora and fauna, pristine swimming pools, and huge private outdoor areas make luxury homes in Kailua Beachside the perfect place for anyone seeking relaxation, abundant natural beauty, and privacy.

In Lanikai, residents are incredibly active, and generally very friendly. Lanikai residents can be seen running, bicycling, hiking, kayaking, surfing, and even ocean canoeing, making this a great home base for anyone who likes to stay fit. The Mid Pacific Country Club in Lanikai offers a fitness center with the latest machines and excellent classes, a fabulous restaurant, and a serene 18-hole golf course, open all year. A day at the range is an excellent way to enjoy the beautiful weather that makes Kailua such a desirable destination all year round.

For new residents who prefer to live closer to town, there are also neighborhoods of condos and townhomes located closer to Kailua Town center, which may be preferable for retirees who prefer to live within walking distance of the many lovely shops and restaurants located within Kailua Town.

Kailua Beach Oahu Hawaii

Location, Location, Location

When you think of Hawaii, chances are you picture golden sand beaches, warm tropical breezes, lush palm trees and jungle vegetation, and clear turquoise water making gentle waves. The beaches in Kailua offer exactly this picturesque landscape. The most famous, Kailua beach, attracts tourists from all over the world to frolic in the waves, or try their hand at water sports like kitesurfing and windsurfing. For prospective homeowners who wouldn’t mind waking up to that landscape every single day, luxury oceanfront homes located right on Kailua Beach will be worth seeking out. Watersport enthusiasts will want to focus their luxury home search in this area, so they can practice riding the wind and waves every day, right outside their home.

Luxury homeowners who need to be close to the action of an international business world hub will benefit from living so close to downtown Honolulu, the center of business on Oahu. Kailua is only a half hour drive, so busy professionals who also love the beach can make a short commute from paradise to work and back again.

Remote employees, meanwhile, can set up a perfect home office with access to a reliable, fast broadband connection that will allow them to be productive, even while they view a scene so pristine it looks like a pre-programmed Zoom call background. Not everyone gets to work while overlooking the turquoise ocean and feeling the soft salty air of the beach.

For other beach lovers who just can’t get enough of sun, sand, and waves, Kalama Beach Park is a great area to live. Investing in a luxury home near Kalama Beach means you can hear the waves from your bedroom, and, depending on which home you choose, can even count the soft sand as your very own backyard.

Unique Amenities

From local culture to stunning nature, from shopping to sports to dining, Kailua offers something for everyone to enjoy. Nature lovers will enjoy the bird sanctuary at Mokulua Islands, where the local inhabitants, Wedgetail Shearwater birds, are protected. The nearby Kailua Kona Marine sanctuary offers snorkeling among tropical fish and natural coral reefs. Lucky visitors may even spot a whale, a sea turtle, or a spinner dolphin flipping in mid-air.

History buffs will enjoy the military bunkers, reminders of the role Hawaii played during the Second World War. The Lanikai Pillbox Hike loop takes you past these remnants of a bygone era, all while revealing breathtaking vistas of the endless expanse of turquoise water below.

Families and foodies can enjoy the abundant local fruit, vegetable, and artisan food products sold in Kailua Town at the Kailua Farmer’s Market every week. The fine dining scene in Kailua offers plenty of options for international cuisine, often with views overlooking the ocean- the perfect place to welcome guests who have come to visit you at your luxury Kailua home.

No Place Like Home

So, is a luxury Kailua Hawaii home right for your lifestyle? With endless activities, top tier local amenities, and, most of all, the stunning natural setting, the answer is most likely yes.

While this luxurious area on Oahu may not be suitable for urban dwellers who prefer a fast metropolitan rhythm and easy land access to neighboring areas, for remote workers, families, retirees, and beach lovers of all stripes seeking sunshine and a relaxed pace of life, there is no better place to call home than Kailua. Private, safe, welcoming, and calm, luxury living in Kailua is endlessly adaptable to most lifestyles. The only truly necessary requirements? A friendly and inviting attitude, and a deep appreciation for the sun, the sand, and the sea.

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