Once-in-a-lifetime Opportunity to Own Luxury Oahu Real Estate

There are few places like Hawaii today, where you can find a place to go to escape the stress and anxiety of what’s happening in the world. And the island nation’s 3rd largest Island, Oahu, offers the ideal get away. When it comes to choosing where to buy, rent, own or invest, luxury Oahu real estate offers plenty of opportunity.

luxury lanikai real estate

That’s because Oahu offers a melting pot of homes, condos, as well as high and low rise houses and properties to meet every lifestyle. Add to that, the extremely friendly people, the deep-rooted historic culture, and an unending supply of gorgeous weather, and you’ve got a recipe for the best Hawaii beachfront real estate investment in Oahu.

From owning luxury Honolulu real estate, to investing in Lanikai real estate opportunities, to considering potential Kailua real estate as your vacation home – they’re all equally great choices.

Luxury Honolulu Real Estate

Being part of Oahu Island means Honolulu inherits all the cultural and social niceties of its host Island. Oahu, also called the “Gathering Place” in the ancient language, is the third largest of Hawaii’s islands, and it houses the majority of this Island Nation’s diverse population. Rightly known as a varied place of gatherings, Oahu, and particularly Honolulu, has attracted a global fusion of East-West cultures to its shores, but remains deeply rooted in the ancient traditions and values of the native Hawaiian people. It’s one reason for owning luxury Honolulu real estate.

honolulu luxury real estate

Honolulu is the main port city, and the capital of Hawaii. Planned and built according to modern standards, it is located along the southeastern shore of Oahu Island, and expands almost 6 kilometers inland into the Koolau Range. Still, like elsewhere in Oahu, local residents, visitors to Honolulu and investors of beachfront homes and luxury condos in Honolulu, will experience a serene co-existence between ancient cultures and modern values. Investing in a home in Honolulu gives you a taste of two worlds – the hustle and bustle of the busy city life, and the laidback lifestyle of the beachcomber and surfer!  

Oahu Luxury real estate

No matter where you are from, as a truly international city, you’ll feel welcomed in Honolulu, and you’ll settle right in.  The city has a world class-rated shopping scene, the nightlife is vibrant and exciting, and you’ll find a richness of highly rated hotels. And for those of you that are thinking of buying a home in Honolulu, there’s one more irresistible reason for doing so: The culinary treats and opportunities are second to none of the major cities around the world!

Lanikai Real Estate

If it’s the quiet life that you crave for, then investing in Lanikai real estate may be just what you need!  This relatively peaceful upper-scale community is located south of Kailua, on the windward coast of Oahu. For laid-back visitors, investors in Hawaii beachfront real estate, vacationers and homeowners, the Lanikai Beach is the place to hangout and enjoy some much-needed downtime. 

This, just short of ½-mile beach, is one of the most photographed beaches in the world. What draws visitors and residents to its shores is the world famous powdery soft white sand.  Investing in Hawaii luxury homes in Lanikai offers access to more de-stressing opportunities just offshore, at two of the island’s sought after kayaking destination at the Mokulua Islands.

Kailua Luxury real estate

But there’s more to investing or owning homes and condos in Lanikai. If you love nature and the outdoors, then owning real estate in this part of Oahu offers you excellent opportunities to fulfil your passion. The nearby hiking trails give residents and visitors a great chance to take in fresh air, lovely scenery and enjoy the wildlife on the island too. 

The Lanikai real estate inventory comprises of around 500 homes in total. If you are looking for Hawaii beach house for sale, Lanikai has roughly 105 oceanfront-facing properties, with just a handful of them – around 25 – situated right on the famous white sandy beach. So, if you find one listed on our site, make sure you move quickly – because these properties are hard to come by!



Kailua Real Estate

Unlike many other areas in Oahu, you’ll find investing in Kailua real estate offers a slightly different value proposition. Whether you’re buying to make Kailua your home, investing with an eye for longer-term property price appreciation, looking for Hawaii luxury homes as vacation stops, or plan on renting your property for rental income, you’ll find the low-rise nature of homes here different from the high-rise nature of luxury Honolulu real estate.

From its earliest times, Kailua has been home to native Polynesian settlers. Archeologists trace their heritage going back to over 1,500 years. So, your Kailua real estate, should you choose to buy or invest here, is steeped in part of the island’s rich history.  But homeowners here also have access to all the modern-day amenities of life – with supermarkets like Target, food outlets like Whole Foods, and a number of other smaller groceries and strip malls located conveniently.

Kailua beachfront real estate

True development of Kailua Town began in the early 1940s, when the forward-thinking family of Harold Castle recognized that Hawaii was about to change, and the island nation should embrace that change or be left behind. The town continues to grow, with more luxury homes in Kailua Hawaii coming online over time. With the completion of the tunnels of the Pali Highway in the 1950s, the community continues to thrive, with commuting for work, play and the essentials of life, now just that much easier.

Buying property, whether it’s a low-rise home or high-rise condo, in Kailua, is probably one of the best Hawaii investment real estate moves for anyone to consider. With some of the best beaches in America located here, including the holder of the #1 spot - Kailua Beach Park, the opportunity for investment gains is tremendous. But for those of you that wish to make a peaceful community, with friendly neighbors and lots of things to see and do, Kailua Real Estate is your best choice.