Kailua Beachfront Hawaii

Oahu, or The Gathering Place, is home to Hawaii's capital Honolulu and many other smaller, beautiful towns. Being the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands, it is also home to around one million people. However, aside from being a home to those people, Oahu is also a famous tourist attraction and that's not all. This island is very popular among people who love luxurious homes. Not only do they have great weather and days full of sunshine all year long, but you also have stunning nature everywhere they turn. We are showing you here the top ten most expensive beachfront listings on Oahu in case you decide to purchase one for yourself. Why not, right?

Why are beachfront listings on Oahu so expensive?

Long story short, because they have everything you could ever ask for. The most expensive beachfront listings on Oahu are all unique in a way, but they also have a lot of similarities. First of all, an ocean view is a must, of course. Now, for example, if you are moving from Florida to another state like Hawaii, you are already used to having  an ocean view almost everywhere. But, besides that, these expensive homes have numerous luxurious amenities, open floorplans, and beautiful, astonishing finishes. The truth is that any of these homes would be more than enough for anyone. No matter if it's only for a few weekends a year or daily. However, their differences set their prices, and that is why we have this list of the 10 most expensive beachfront listings on Oahu.

One: 145 Kailuana Loop - House of the Resting Sea

The most expensive home on Oahu is currently Kai Moena or House of the Resting Sea. If you have $28,500,000 to spare, you can purchase this astonishing 60,000 square-foot property. That means that you will no longer be using safe storage units to add space, like the ones you may have used in Florida, because you can fit everything here.

 Every day could be a beach day if you own a beachfront home

The house is near Kailua Beach and it has two main residences. Between them, there are ten bedrooms, three half baths, and eight full bathrooms. Kai Moena has two fully equipped kitchens, where you or your chef can make fancy meals for all the people in the house. And let's face it - a lot of people can fit into this beautiful property. Other luxury amenities include a lagoon pool, fitness room and sauna, tennis court and media rooms. And let's not forget about the huge yard that is separated from the tropical hardwood floors only by a sliding door.

Two: 51 Kaikea Place

The second most expensive beachfront listing on Oahu is also near Kailua Beach and its price tag is $26 million. This huge property of 7,851 square-feet was built in 2008 but it looks good as new. This beautiful home has seven bedrooms, two half baths, and five full ones. So, feel free to call your friends for a sleep-over, since it has enough room for everyone. You can spend your time inside, in front of the lava rock fireplace or outside, in a spacious yard.

Three: 202 Kaiku'ono Place

This beautiful, contemporary home of 4,829 square-feet was featured in Architectural Digest and Forbes Magazine. And it can be yours for only $22 million. It has four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms and it’s only a few steps from the magnificent South Shore surf. If you don't feel like going out, you can enjoy the view of Diamond Head Beach from your balcony. And if you, however, decide to visit the beach, you will have your own private deeded beach access. And it's always nice to avoid crowds, right?

 Enjoy the luxurious pools at expensive homes if you want to avoid the beach

Four: 68-407 Farrington Highway

This is not only one of the most expensive beachfront listings on Oahu, but also one of the largest oceanfront homes. If you love wide-open spaces with 1,000 linear feet of beach frontage, this 1,393,900 square feet property can be yours for $20 million. This huge property actually has four different parcels, which can be enough for as many as eight homes. And if you ever get tired of walking around your home and yard, you can visit North Shore and enjoy diving and surfing, since it is within walking distance from your home.

Five: 3639 Diamond Head Road

This dazzling house on the beach was originally built in 1941, but rebuilt in 2004 in classic Hawaiian style. It has three bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms that could be yours for $18.8 million. As you can see, compared to other most expensive beachfront listings on Oahu, it's not even that big.  However, it is enriched with hardwood floors and board-and-batten siding. But the really nice touch are glass doors that slide to let you step on your 85 linear feet of beach. And that is the reason why, even though it's fabulous, no one even notices the indoors. 

Six: 5403 Kalaniana'ole Highway

This sophisticated and cozy modern home lies on the Niu Beach. Another exquisite example of a house that was built in 1989 but remodeled in 2015 to be inviting and welcoming. If you have $17,950,000 to spare, this seven-bedroom property can be yours. Even though it has three master suites, everyone will probably spend more time either on the 185 linear feet of beach frontage, or using some of the great amenities it offers. If you ever get tired of the fascinating landscape, you can jump into your Jacuzzi or pool. And if you're looking for a more active kind of entertainment, maybe you can organize a tennis tournament in your backyard with your friends.

Seven: 280 Po'ipu Drive

This is an enormous property of 60,000 square feet of ocean-view lot. It was built in 2010 on the slopes of Koko Head. All six bedrooms, seven baths and a tremendous outdoor pool can be yours for $17,750,000. You can enjoy the view from Maunalua Bay to Diamond Head if you are not in the mood for the indoor amenities.

Eight: 41-543 Kalaniana'ole Highway

This gorgeous property with nine bedrooms and seven and a half bathrooms overlooks some of the most wonderful waters on Oahu. In 2017, they remodeled it and now it's a real show stopper. With a modern kitchen, remodeled baths with stunning glasswork and custom hand-carved wood finishes, no wonder it costs $16,9 million. You can also host all kinds of events outdoors with an astonishing 360-degree view, complimented with a spa and pool. 

 There are so many amenities that you can enjoy daily

Nine: 1105 Kaimoku Place

This property features two houses and nearly an acre of land east of Wai'alae Golf Course. The first home is a single-level with five bedrooms and a pool. It has 118 linear feet of beach you can enjoy daily. The other one is actually a guest house and has four bedrooms, but it is also stunning. Both of them, with the 8,000 square feet of living area, can be yours for $15 million.

Ten: 4577 Kahala Avenue

On a quiet and private stretch of Kahala beach, you can find this marvelous resort-like property. With five bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms, it is listed for $15 million. They designed it in contemporary Island style, so one of the most expensive beachfront listings on Oahu will make you feel like you are in your own private hotel. If you are not enjoying the beach or numerous amenities, you can stay in your master bedroom and relax with a magnificent view of the ocean and beyond to Koko Head.