Oahu, Hawaii: Great Places to Live, Work and Invest in

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With so much anxiety and turmoil going on around the world today, it’s very tempting to look for a paradise haven of your own, and move your family there. Alternately, owning a nice vacation property in such a place might offer a safe harbor until the storm clouds blow over. Buying real estate, either for residential or investment purposes, is probably a great idea, and the island of Hawaii offers the perfect opportunity.

If you’re looking for a magnificent Hawaii beach house for sale, then Oahu, also referred to as “The Gathering Place”, presents some exceptional options. The 3rd-largest of Hawaii’s islands, Oahu boasts of a diverse East-West culture, and provides homeowners, vacationers and native residents a diversity of lifestyles – from laid-back beachcombing and surfing, to quaint town-like ambiance, to bustling city vibes. Oahu has it all!

Hawaii Oahu Real Estate

Whether you choose to relocate your family permanently to Hawaii, plan on frequenting it occasionally as a vacation heaven, or wish to buy Hawaii luxury homes as an investment, we’re here to help. We guarantee that you’ll find something that suits your taste in our vast inventory of Oahu luxury properties.

Here are just some of the Oahu areas where you might find something worth owning:  


1.     Sunset Beach

Located just beyond the well-known Banzai Pipeline, in the vicinity of Ehukai Beach and the North Shore harbors, is another 2-mile (approx. 3.2 Kms.) expanse of sandy haven called Sunset Beach Hawaii.

If you love surfing, or simply want to while away the hours relaxing and watching big-wave surfers do their thing in wintertime, then Sunset Beach, Oahu, is the perfect place for you. With Gen X’ers now actively looking for the perfect retirement getaway, demand for the perfect Hawaii beach house for sale, especially in the Sunset Beach area, may be overheating.

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And with dwindling supply, comes price wars that drive the prices of scarce supply up – that’s just the reality of a hot Oahu real estate market. To avoid participating in bidding wars, most prospective buyers are locking-in their bids now, so they can get just the right home for their budgets. Wise move!

If you want to assure ownership of your own beach-front retirement, or simply want a vacation home near a pristine beach, then we can certainly help you realize your dream. We guarantee you find everything that Oahu luxury homes can offer, including the awe-inspiring natural beauty of Sunset Beach…and more! 


2.     Waikiki

Are you looking for Hawaii beachfront homes for sale in one the world’s most sought-after vacationing and leisure destinations? Well, when you buy property in Waikiki, whether it’s a home or a condo, you get just want you’re dreaming for…and much more! The eight sections of Waikiki beach converge into a spectacular 2-mile sandy paradise, that stretches from the large Duke Kahanamoku Beach, all the way down to a tiny piece of sand across from the Outrigger Canoe Club, near Diamond Head. The best of Waikiki is right here.

Waikiki beach oahu hawaii

Waikiki offers some of the best luxury real estate in Honolulu. The city is literally a paradise of tranquility, with over 5 million people visiting there. You’ll have plenty of things to do, lots of shopping and other amenities close-by, and for the energetic night-owl, the city offers the very best of the island’s nightlife too!

Do you have surfing on your mind? The south swells in and around Waikiki are perfect for aspiring as well as pro surfers. And, if you are a family unit, don’t worry – the kids will enjoy their new paradise in Hawaii at Waikiki. The beaches are kid-friendly, so they’ll have lots to explore and keep themselves busy. And the Waikiki aquarium will fascinate everyone…including “kids” from 1 to 99 – guaranteed!


3.     Kailua

Another great spot for owning Oahu luxury homes in Hawaii is Kailua. While there is a commercial hub centered along the Kailua Road business district, Kailua is primarily a homeowner’s paradise – a residential haven. 

Located on the east coast of Oahu, Kailua is characterized by long stretches of sandy beaches on Kailua Bay, including a center of many water sports called Kailua Beach Park, and the gentle waves that flow through Kalama Beach Park. That sounds very appropriate, because Kailua in the Hawaiian language means “dual currents” or “two seas”. The name aptly describes the two scenic lagoons of the district, and the two sets of currents that flow through the crescent-shaped Kailua Bay.  

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Flanked by Kailua Bay and the majestic Koolau Mountain cliffs, owners of luxury homes in Kailua Hawaii get the best of many worlds – especially if it’s peace of mind and tranquility you’re looking for. You won’t find the usual “hub hub” of a large tourist town, with skyrise hotels and 50,000-square foot box stores. Instead, you’ll be greeted with some of the best, and quaint little boutique stores and restaurants on the island here in Kailua.

And, if the ambiance of family-run stores and friendly, cozy bread-and-breakfast enterprises doesn’t lure you, then the plethora of hiking trails, water sport opportunities, historic sightseeing, bird watching and weekly visits to farmer’s markets sure will. Formerly a playground for Hawaiian royalty (alii), modern-day owners of Hawaii beachfront homes for sale in Kailua are in equally great company, with contemporary “royals” like former President Barack Obama and entertainers Jessica Simpson, Rihanna and Beyoncé and Jay-Z having made this their vacationing destination of choice.


4.     Diamond Head

Known as Lēʻahi to the local population, one of Oahu, Hawaii’s distinguishing locations is Diamond Head, a naturally-formed geological collection of vents, cones formed as a result of now dormant volcanic formations. Diamond Head was declared a national natural landmark in 1968 and, because of the panoramic view it offers of the south shores of Oahu and Waikiki, it also served as a military observation post in the 1900s. So, if you own Hawaii luxury homes on this part of the island, you’ll literally be in the midst of history. Geologists estimate that Diamond Head is anywhere between 400,000 to 500,000 years old!

Diamond Head Beach Oahu Hwaii

With the Diamond Head crater in their backyards, owners of luxury homes for sale in Diamond Head Hawaii virtually assure themselves of endless opportunities for taking in the natural wonders of their neighborhood. If you are an avid hiker, you won’t be disappointed. Upon ascending the summit, you’ll enjoy the most spectacular view of Oahu’s leeward-side, including the nearby island of Molokai and the neighborhood’s most famous resident – the Diamond Head Lighthouse. On a clear day, you and your family will enjoy the breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean and as far away as Honolulu and Waikiki.