Oahu is a top destination for travelers the world over. It allows some of the most indulging and fun experiences for adventure and making memories. Team Gray recommends you try out these activities when visiting Hawaii.

  1. Road trip around Oahu

Waimanalo Oahu Hawaii

The best way to have a look at the paradise in Oahu is to take a road trip. You need to check beforehand and have the maps of the place. Confirm the traffic conditions, weather, and timing for the best road trip. You can rent a car at the airport or form other rental services around.

  1. Swimming at the beach

Hawaii is famous the world over for the expansive that you cannot miss going to swim whenever you visit the area. You can swim at almost any time of the year as the  reefs protect most beaches. 

  1. Surfing or Canoe Paddling Lessons

Child surfing on Oahu Hawaii

Surfing and canoe paddling on Oahu is a big deal since Hawaiians consider this the sports of the Alii or kings. You should never go to Hawaii and leave without trying to surf or surf a wave on a canoe. The clam waters around the beaches provide the best place to learn and practice surfing. The world famous beach boys will give you the time of your life at a very low cost. I promise you will have the best time of your life and feel young again. Most people learn on the first day on a big long board. Bigger is better when it comes to learning how to surf.

  1. Enjoy the Sunset

Outrigger waikiki sunset oahu hawaii

There is a magic in the sunset that you can only experience in Oahu. The expansive ocean and raised spots around will provide some of the best views for the sunset and sunrise. Watching the sunset gives you time to go to other attraction sites like the museums, and conduct other activities.

  1. Visit the Hotels

Waikiki Hotels Oahu at night

If you are a visitor to Oahu, you don't have to worry about where to stay. You might also want to move around and experience different treats and cuisines. The best thing about the hotels in Oahu is that you can choose them based on your budget.

  1. Eat Out

The best way to experience people's culture is to try their cuisine. Oahu has a rich Hawaiian food range for you to maximize and enjoy. You can even walk around the streets and enjoy a delicacy from the street kitchens.  

  1. Visit Polynesian Luau

Hawaiian luau waikiki beach royal hawaiian hotel

Oahu is home for the rich Polynesian culture that you must experience when visiting. You need to visit the Luau to experience the Polynesian dining options, and the marketplace for shopping.

  1. Go Shopping

Ala Moana Shopping center Oahu Hawaii Waikiki

Hawaii is an international shopping hub with a wide range of products for the best souvenir. There are several shopping malls and other premium outlets to shop for the top brands. You can also visit Ala Moana pictured above, the farmers market, Waikiki, Chinatown, and aloha stadium swaps. They all meet your shopping needs.

  1. Visit the Trails

There are uncountable trails in Oahu, which you can follow to have the perfect view of the island. Research the trails early enough for the best arrival time, what to carry, and the best routes.

  1. Enjoy Your Time

relaxing in Oahu Hawaii at sunset

It sounds like a no-brainer, but most people come to Oahu and get so overwhelmed that they forget to enjoy their time. Oahu provides the best scenery, food, and other activities. But you can also just sit back and enjoy the scenes. Maybe just sit back and watch the sky, ocean, rain or people in the water having fun or on the beach.