Relocating to Honolulu Hawaii and the Oceanfront

If your company is relocating you to Hawaii or you feel the need to relocate to a new place and choose Hawaii, were here to help. From time to time, we all have the urge to try out something new and fresh. Sometimes we have no choice or our company is moving us. So, if you’re about to choose a location for your move - why not Hawaii? Naturally, you’ll want to know the local real estate market conditions before deciding to buy some in Hawaii. If you want recommendations from a great realtor, we’re here to give you a few great tips.

World renowned Lanikai Sunrise. To see it is breathtaking. The Moon rise is special too.

Some great Oahu beachfront Real Estate in Lanikai 

If you want to relocate to Hawaii from another state and buy a piece of Oahu oceanfront real estate, let’s agree - what you’re looking for is natural splendor and white sand beach. But these days, Hawaii is a tourist paradise, so finding an area almost untouched by man is not easy. However, that’s where the real estate around Lanikai Beach comes in! Although the beach is public property, there are no commercial facilities there. So, you’ll be able to enjoy nature as it was meant to be experienced. Trust us - after seeing the Moon rise above the Mokuluas from here, your life will never be the same again. Lanikai is for beach lovers and is ranked in the top ten beaches of the world by Conde Naste and others. Being born and raised in Lanikai and building my current home there, I can assure you this is a world class destination with world class views. Homes in the area range from $1.3mm-$4mm for interior homes and $3.5mm-$12mm for beachfront homes.

Lanikai Beach and the Mokulua Islands

Kailua Beachfront is a great place for a new resident to relocate

Kailua Oahu oceanfront real estate trends - sales of homes in Kailua have experienced quite a rise in the previous year, especially compared to single family homes off the beach. So, if you’re interested in buying a Kailua beachfront condo or home, knowing where to look on the Hawaii beachfront is important. We definitely recommend considering the real estate on or near Kailua Beach! Kailua is very popular for beach goes and ocean sports enthusiasts. If water-based activities are important to you, but you’re still concerned about safety - this is the perfect spot for you! The wind is consistent and seas are generally calm in the area, so it’s perfect for some light kayaking, Kite Surfing, Wind Surfing or just walking along the beach. Homes in the area range from $1.3mm-$2mm for interior homes and $3.5mm-$12mm for beachfront homes.

Kailua Beach is definitely one of the calmer areas in Oahu! A white sandy beach next to calm waters.

Waimanalo Beach is a fantastic getaway

Let’s face it, a real estate investment is a big investment of your hard earned money. So, before buying a property, getting a moving estimate online and relocating there - you should definitely do a lot of thinking. Primarily – decide what kind of area you’re looking for. If Hawaii is a great place for you, but you really mind all the tourists - we still have some great Oahu oceanfront real estate to recommend! For example - Waimanalo Beach may be just the thing you’re looking for. Along it’s beautiful sandy shores, you’ll find no hotels or resorts.

So, while an occasional tourist may still wind up there from other parts of Oahu - you’ll definitely have your peaceful life here. Imagine being able to take long walks along some sandy beaches next to crystal-clear waters, without any resorts or noise disturbing your tranquility. This area is considered very popular by local residents and has an old Hawaii feeling to it. Homes in the area range from $800k-$1.5mm for interior homes and $3.5mm-$5mm for beachfront homes.

Moving to Waimanalo Beach will provide a very peaceful life! Miles of amazing beachfront to walk on and enjoy.

Diamond Head Beach is perfect for budding surfers and millionaires

Many people come to Hawaii to relax, enjoy the sun, and the beautiful clear skies. But as we’ve already partly mentioned, for some, this state is great because of the many different activities you can partake in. For example - if you’re an avid surfer, then Diamond Head Beach might be your best choice among Oahu oceanfront real estate! Diamond Head is a place that’s best suited for those who want a luxury lifestyle and want to get away from some of the more crowded beaches on Oahu. The surfing waves are great for all levelst. Some of Hawaii's most expensive and luxurious homes are here on the beach and are seldome available for sale but can sometimes be purchased. It is also a very private beach on weekdays and there is a great hike to the summit of Diamond Head cliff with a wonderful view. I highly recommend Diamond Head for those looking to be close to Waikiki but far enough away to enjoy a great beach and a luxury lifestyle. Homes in the area range from $2mm-$6mm for interior homes and $6mm-$20mm for beachfront homes.

Diamond Head Beach with its amazing surfing, Kite Surfing, Snorkeling and million dollar homes

Kahala Beach is very family-friendly and close to everything

Moving to Hawaii is easy and simple if you have the right connections and partners. Certainly, buying real estate in Honolulu might mean a more exciting life, but if you want a more private area for a family home - Kahala Beach may be just the ticket. We can show you the best areas in Kahala to fit your budget and make sure your investment is a wise decision. Kahala has always been condidered a luxury area to live in and has some of the most expensive real estate on Oahu. With level streets and multiple parks its great for families. Kahala is also close to Kahala Mall and other shopping destinations. Only 15 minutes to Honolulu and 5 minutes to Waikiki. Kahala is a great place to live.

 Buying Oahu luxury or oceanfront real estate in Kahala means that there won’t be many tourists nearby, and you’ll basically get a beach all for yourself on those special weekday morning walks. Homes in the area range from $2mm-$6mm for interior homes and $5mm-$20mm for beachfront homes.

Kahala Beach is very private and attracts the mega wealthy of Hawaii.

Laniakea Beach has the most beautiful natural vistas

If you’ve got the chance to buy a home in a wonderful natural place with amazing natural sights - why not make it happen? Did you know about all of the wonders of the North Shore and Laniakea Beach? For one, you can find some very nice Luxury Homes here on Papailoa Road, especially in comparison with some other Oahu areas. But that’s not all - you can also enjoy all the natural splendor Hawaii has. If you’re relocating to this area, you’ll be able to spot amazing green sea turtles that populate this area. You can even come close enough to have a good look and snap some cool photos! But this is a beach like no other. You can walk for 3 miles on white sand and you may or may not see a single person on the whole walk. You can walk to Haleiwa town for a cup of coffee or just enjoy sitting and watching the seal life. The most recent sales are $12mm, $7.8mm, $3.2mm and $3mm for beachfront homes in the last 12 months.

Laniakea is amazing and a one of the kind experience. Let us show you the north shore you dreamed about, click here: North Shore Luxury Beachfront.  Homes in the area range from $1.3mm-$2mm for interior homes and $3.5mm-$12mm for beachfront homes.

Laniakea Beach on Oahus North Shore near Haleiwa