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If you are a DIY enthusiast, you’ll likely have 50-ways to do a certain thing – like fix a leaky faucet or clear the pesky clogged drain. Well, as a global real-estate watcher, let me tell you that there are also fifty (or even a 100!) reasons for you to consider taking a closer look at Hawaii as a real estate opportunity. Of course, that does not always mean relocation:

·        Investing in Hawaii condos for sale may be the single most profitable transaction of a lifetime, with enormous future up-side potential

·        Buying a vacation home in any one of Hawaii’s luxurious living areas, like Kailua, Lanikai or Mokuleia, may be great for you and your family and friends looking for your secret “island getaway”

·        Owning rental property in Oahu, whether it’s in Haleiwa, Diamond Head or Waialupe Circle, offers exceptional opportunity for supplementary lifetime rental income. The tourists keep on coming…and resale value keeps on appreciating

Of course, Hawaii investment real estate opportunities won’t preclude a relocation decision. In fact, there are a thousand reasons why people make that same decision – to leave the hustle and bustle of the world and come to Hawaii to live.

·        The weather is spectacular all year around

·        The people are extremely friendly and welcoming to outsiders and newcomers

·        It’s a relaxing and peaceful environment to live and enjoy life

·        There are great private schools for your kids and grandkids

·        If you’re a nature buff, you’ll have the best snorkeling opportunities on the entire planet

·        There’s nature and beauty everywhere you look – from blue skies to tall mountains to white sandy beaches and awesome waves

·        And those waves are yet another reason to move to one of Hawaii’s islands, like Oahu. You’ll enjoy bodyboarding and surfing like nowhere in the world

·        Get away from the automobile pollution of the big cities, and enjoy a pristine clean environment. You can literally walk, bike or sail to any destination you want – whether it’s the theatre, dentist, shopping mall or grocery store

·        Planning to work online while you’re a thousand miles away from the rat-race? Well, with all that nature around to inspire you, a place like Oahu, Hawaii is the ideal destination for tele-work

And, as if those aren’t reasons enough to consider owning luxury homes for sale in Hawaii, then here’s one more: Hawaii is home to an assortment of KILLER Mai Tai’s! If it’s unwinding you need from a “stressful” day on the beach, watching the surfers do their thing, then a made in Hawaii Mai Tai beverage is just the reason to make Hawaii your home!


Why Oahu?

Moving to anywhere in Hawaii is a great choice.  But Oahu is one place that you’ll find offers you everything you’re looking for. So, if you’re considering relocating, or are just looking for a great real estate investment opportunity, then you’ll find it worth exploring Oahu as your primary destination.


All the comforts of modern living

Don’t get me wrong – beachcombing, surfing, snorkeling and bodyboarding…they’re all here across Oahu. But there’s more to this little Hawaiian island paradise than that.

map of oahu homes for sale

·        Cost of living-conscious residents, tourists and vacation-homers love deals – and deals are aplenty at any of the many Costco locations spread all over. You don’t need to shop anywhere that’ll charge you an arm and a leg for a quart of milk!

·        Fresh groceries are abundant on the island – thanks to a network of conveniently located grocery stores that carry everything you’ll need, regardless of your ethnicity, racial background or taste buds

·        Oahu cares for its future generations. From prep-schools to institutions of higher education, regardless of where you live, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to making those hard decisions about where to send your child for their education

·        And, of course, not everyone loves the sea – so, you’ll find a variety of sports and fitness activity centers all over. Whether its soccer, softball, golfing or extreme sports…you pick your poison and it’s there for you

·        And, in the event of a health crisis, you’ll find a health care facility, hospital or clinic conveniently located across Oahu  

As you can see, investing in luxury homes in Hawaii doesn’t mean you escape from the modern comforts of life. Everything you need for a stress-free, peaceful lifestyle, you’ll find right here in Oahu. It’s like you’ve entered a whole new dimension…with all the trappings of modern life – except the traffic jams, the smog, the pollution, and the constant yelling and honking!


Oahu places worth considering

If you are ready to make the Big Move to Oahu, then here are a few places where you might just find your special piece of Hawaiian heaven:

Oahu Hawaii surf spots map


1)     Lanikai

In native parlance, Lanikai means “heavenly oceans”, and that’s exactly what you’ll encounter when you buy a luxury real estate in Hawaii – especially in Lanikai on Oahu’s windward coast.

Lanikai oahu hawaii for sale

As a homeowner or investor here, you’ll have access to one of the most photographed beaches on the entire planet – Lanikai Beach. And offshore, you’ll find the two Mokulua Islands – both are dream kayaking destinations to die for.

2)     Wailupe Circle

The Wailupe Beach neighborhood comprises of about a handful (2-dozen or so) beachfront homes that run the length of the Kalanianaole Highway, as well as roughly 120 or so homes in the greater Wailupe Peninsula area. The neighborhood itself is in good company. To the west of Wailupe Beach is Kai Nani, with Aina Haina Beach to its east.

 Waialupe oceanfront homes for sale

Owning Hawaii condos for sale in Wailupe Circle, or other investment property in the neighborhood, makes you an owner in one of Honolulu’s most prestigious oceanfront communities.

3)     Mokuleia

If you are looking for Hawaii investment property, vacation homes or a permanent home off the beaten path, then Mokuleia is calling out to you!  Situated on the North shore of Oahu, this is a sleepy, quiet part of the waterfront, where there’s not too much traffic to disturb you.

Mokuleia Oahu Home for sale

Your Hawaii investment real estate opportunity in Mokuleia gets you two peaceful neighbors. On the one side of the road are agricultural lands and farms. And on the other side you’ll have the vast, peaceful beaches of the Pacific Ocean for company. If your heart calls out for a great escape away from the hustle and bustle of the urban life, then Mokuleia awaits you with open arms!