Kaka'ako Luxury Real Estate in Honolulu Hawaii

Hawaii islands are one of the most beautiful places in the world, with their cliffs, waterfalls, tropical foliage and beaches covered in gold, red, black and even green sand. And Honolulu is a great melting pot in the center of it all. Its rich culture, traditions, diverse groups of people, and foods from many different ethnicities make it unique. Interestingly, all these people representing different cultures and beliefs live and work side by side in perfect harmony. That makes Honolulu so special.

The cost of living in Honolulu is very high. Its residents work hard but they play hard, too. They can enjoy a variety of activities this place has to offer. Hiking, kayaking, surfing, running, tennis, cultural fairs and festivities, along with beach time and parties don’t leave time for boredom.


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A touch of history

In the past, Kaka'ako was the port for foreign ships that came to Honolulu for trade and supplies. Even back in 1950, this area was a busy district full of life.

A great transformation started to take place once the authorities allowed more commercial activity. Honolulu was attracting more and more businesses that took the place of homes.

Finally, it all changed once again as the first Kakaako condos started developing, soon to be joined by many more. Being the future of this neighborhood, in many ways, they bring back its past, when this was a truly wonderful home to so many people.

Once a port, Kakaako is today a unique community that includes luxury oceanfront condominiums with a modern design. It is surrounded by high end restaurants and exclusive shopping centers. Conveniently located between Downtown Honolulu and Ala Moana Shopping Center, this neighborhood represents the future of Hawaii.

Welcome to Kakaako, the neighborhood of tomorrow

Probably the first name that comes to your mind when thinking about Honolulu is Kakaako.  Ironically, Kakaako means “slow” in Hawaiian. This area was mainly industrial when it began to transform and turn into a dynamic, vibrant and hip neighborhood. Nowadays, it offers the best urban outdoors, luxury living and it is bridging Downtown and Ala Moana. Ala Moana to the east, Downtown Honolulu to the west, and the ocean to the south surround this convenient location with shopping, beach and business amenities.

Also, there are amazing development plans in Waikiki, though on a bit smaller scale. And the creation of Kakaako luxury neighborhood is primarily the work of two major entities - Kamehameha Schools and the Howard Hughes Corporation.

Kakaako’s transformation

Many new Kakaako condos were planned in recent years and some of them are already completed or under construction. Once all towers are finished, this area will include more than 5,000 new condos. The plans also include improved sidewalks, beautiful parks, and some retail shops. All of this is going to make Kakaako a super cozy community where one hardly needs a car.

Kakaako residents are currently living mostly in scattered high-rise condos in a district of urban Honolulu. Major business centers, shopping malls, entertainment and recreation facilities are all close by.

The future is exciting

Expected growth and development could double the current population by year 2030. Hawaii Community Development Authority (HCDA) has a vision to transform 600 acres of the Kakaako area into a modern community with a proposed rail transit. That includes new retail shops, recreational parks, restaurants, office space, grocery stores and a redesigned Neal Blaisdell Center.

Also called The 3rd City, Kakaako is going to become a walkable and bikeable neighborhood for work, shopping and recreation with pleasant, wide streetscapes that function as outdoor living rooms. The old industrial lots and warehouses are giving way to a new Kakaako lifestyle in the renewed urban core of Honolulu.

A good collaboration of the government and private sector has managed to create an economically sustainable, environmentally friendly and viable neighborhood. Kakaako’s vision promotes a fusion of art, culture, modern transportation and a new metropolitan way of life. People will have an opportunity to enjoy a diversity of luxury condos that follow all the 2019 home trends .

Kakaako Waterfront Park, Ala Moana Beach Park, and Kewalo Basin Park offer amazing recreational opportunities for swimmers, joggers, surfers, fishermen and all outdoor enthusiasts. The Kakaako condominiums are the ultimate opportunity to live, work and have fun, all in one beautiful place.

Inside Kakaako

Its residents will certainly enjoy wide pedestrian paths and boulevards all over the district. You could take a nice walk at the end of the workday or go to an enticing new restaurant nearby. Beside shopping, there are plenty of senior centers, recreation areas and playgrounds. People of all ages can find a place for themselves in Kakaako that feels like home.

Beside this smart and modern development, there are the best of nature's treasures as well. A soft, cozy beach, the infinite blue ocean, and wide green parks are all within your reach here. Kakaako residents don’t have to start their car every time they need to just go out for a while. Kakaako’s new community is based on easy access to every aspect of life.

Moving to Hawaii

All of this probably sounds dreamy to you? Well, guess what, sometimes dreams can come true. More and more people nowadays decide to move to these paradise islands and start a new laidback chapter of their life. Would you like to be one of them? It won’t be very cheap and you will probably need some assistance when moving overseas, but it will most certainly be worth it.

If you want to be a part of this incredible community, you should probably start by clicking here. Honolulu will only get better and better and prices will rise. If you get the timing right, chances are you are going to find the best condo for your lifestyle in Kakaako. You can find all of Howard Hughes best condominiums right here at Kakaako Luxury Real Estate in Honolulu Hawaii

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