Oahu, Hawaii: Your Choice of Places to Live, Work and Invest in

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Homeowners, investors and vacationers looking for the “ideal” destination need no longer search the globe for their paradise on earth. They’ll find it on Hawaii’s Oahu island in Honolulu county. The Kauai and Kaiwi channels separate the island from its neighboring islands - Molokai in the southeast and Kauai in the northwest. The two parallel mountain ranges of Waianae and Koolau connect through a central plateau.

map of oahu homes for sale

This geographic setting for Oahu makes it an ideal place to own, rent or invest in homes and luxury condos in Honolulu.


Why Oahu?

Every one of us has certain expectations of a place, whether we are visiting, renting, investing or owning property there. The list may vary, but in most cases, it includes:

·        Great weather

·        Peaceful environment (low crime, geo-political stability)

·        Friendly neighbors and inhabitants

·        Lots of opportunity to relax and live stress free

·        Access to modern amenities

The beauty of investing in or owning luxury oceanfront homes for sale in Hawaii, on the island of Oahu, is that it offers all the above…and a lot more! The homes for sale on the island are magnificent in every respect. Most of them offer breathtaking beachfront views. Residents enjoy all the comforts of modern living – AC, heating, celling fans, clean running water, spacious rooms, stunning greenery, breathtaking scenery of trees, mountains and peaks and valleys.

For visitors and vacationers there’s plenty of outdoor fun, including bodysurfing, snorkeling, wind and wave surfing, sailing, golfing…and much more. Family-oriented property owners have access to some of the top schooling, healthcare, dining experiences and shopping.

Best of all, owning luxury real estate in Honolulu on the island of Oahu gives residents the perfect escape from the stress and anxiety of living in the big cities. Here, there are blue skies, gorgeous white clouds, sunny days and no extreme temperatures all year around. No traffic jams to contend with. No irate drivers to honk or yell at you. And, you’ll have lots of friendly residents, storeowners and visitors to welcome you.

So…why Oahu? Because there’s no other place like it!

Oahu places worth considering

If you are ready to make the Big Move to Oahu, then here are a few places where you might just find your special piece of Hawaiian heaven:

1)     Portlock

If it’s premier Hawaii beachfront real estate that you are looking for, then you’ll find it here, in Portlock, one of Hawaii’s leading residential oceanfront neighborhoods located in the Hawaii Kai region. Your new home will likely be one from an exquisite selection of about 120 properties located at the base of Koko Head. The homes in Portlock are of a mixed architecture – some of older vintage while other estates represent the stunning miracle of modern architectural genius!  

portlock hawaii oceanfront real estate

Residents have access to all the amenities, including upscale shopping at Kahala Mall and Koko Marina, as well as proximity to other fun spots, such as Ala Moana Shopping Center, Iolani Palace, the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center, the State Capitol, Haunama Bay and Waikiki Beach.

What is now an upscale neighborhood in Oahu for homes and luxury condos in Honolulu was once, for generations, a secret fishing haven for the ancient inhabitants. The area is now named after Nathaniel Portlock, one of Captain Cook’s shipmates who later commanded his own ship and sailed back into Maunalua Bay. Famous American industrialist Henry Kaiser built most of the modern-day homes and settlements in Portlock. Great interest and fame came to Portlock back then, and it still so, as a result of Mr. Kaiser’s real estate gift to his wife – a set of two oval shaped pink mansions to hold her pink poodles!   

2)     Aina Haina

Another sought after area for luxury homes for sale in Hawaii is the Aina Haia neighborhood of Honolulu. An established housing area, it comprises of roughly 650 homes primarily located between Hawaii Loa Ridge and Waialae Iki. The potential for real estate investment and property value appreciation in Aina Haina is such real estate experts dubbed it “the next Kahala” – a reference to that region’s (Kahala ‘s) high-end, expensive homes and luxury condominium properties.

aina haina hawaii homes for sale

Owning luxury real estate in Honolulu usually comes with mystery and mystique that adds to the alure of investing and buying property here – and Aina Haina is no exception. By some accounts, the root of this region’s name “Haina” lies in the Hawaiian term for “sacrifice”. This version of history attributes the name to the practice of human sacrifice by the ancient residents living here. Other accounts trace the origins of the name to a dairy farm “Hind-Clarke Dairy” owned by Robert Hind, that occupied a significant part of the district. Hence the name “Aina” meaning “land” and “Hind” to make it “Hind’s Land”.   

As an owner, investor and resident here, you’ll have access to the Aina Haina Shopping Center, housing a number of amenities like brand-name grocer Foodland Farms, a pet hospital, yoga studio, a number of restaurants and much more. The area is also home to several parks that offer excellent beach access, including Kawaikui Beach Park and Wailupe park.   

3)     Niu Valley

If it’s celebrity company that you crave, Niu Valley is where you want to own luxury oceanfront homes for sale in Hawaii.  With a quiet neighboring community of Kuliouou to the east, and Hawaii Loa Ridge to the west, and under the watchful gaze of the evergreen Koolau mountains, many a local Hawaiian celebrity figure calls Niu Valley their home. Because of the enchanting surroundings and peaceful ambiance of the neighborhood, homes and condos in the area are a rarity on the real estate market. So, if you have your heart set on owning a property in this serene valley, you must act quickly or it’ll be gone in a flash!


Niu Valley Oahu Hawaii Homes for sale

Beach-lovers will be thrilled to learn that Kawaikui Beach Park, which offers excellent beach access, is conveniently located a stone throws distance from their homes. For parents of school-going children, two prominent schooling options include the prestigious private Waldorf School, and the highly acclaimed Niu Valley Middle School. Another advantage of owning Hawaii beachfront real estate in Niu Valley is that just along the Kalanianaole Hwy is the Niu Valley Shopping Center, where residents, tourists and business visitors enjoy an array of modern-day amenities, including French dining at Le Bistro and convenience shopping at a 7-Eleven